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We begin our process using only the finest natural or custom-crafted materials. Our design team will recommend only the best materials that are ideally suited to your final vision. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction, and we pride ourselves on matching the exact needs of each client with the perfect hard surface materials and custom fabrication.



Today, custom stone countertops go well beyond the marble or granite of year’s past. West Coast Stone Concepts can create your dream kitchen, bathroom or any countertop surface using today’s most stunning, unique materials. Some of the most innovative new materials include gorgeous onyx with semi-precious stone inlay, porcelain, glass, Nano glass and super Nano glass, which is completely scratch resistant, non-porous and highly stain resistant.

A recent installation of beautiful Cristallo Gold Quartzite countertops and backsplash, a gorgeous and very durable stone sure to add the perfect new look to your kitchen or bath.

Cristallo Gold Quartzite Countertop #2
Cristallo Gold Quartzite Countertop #3
Cristallo Gold Quartzite Countertop #3
Cristallo Gold Quartzite Countertop #4
Cristallo Gold Quartzite Countertop #4


Marble is a classic choice for any hard surface area, and is one of the softer materials on the market today. A natural stone that is available in a wide array of colors, marble is known for its slight veins in complimenting colors to bring out the true beauty. Granite is slightly more susceptible to scratching or stains, which is why we always seal our granite countertops.

Some feel that a natural marble surface only improves in beauty over time. We offer marble in a glossy polish finish, or in a honed finish with less shine.  

Rising quickly in popularity for premier counter surfaces, quartz is what is called an “engineered” stone, made to match the beauty of marble or granite, yet offering more durability.

Quartz is very easy to keep clean, and extremely stain resistant. Engineered quartz does not even need to be sealed because it is naturally resistant to moisture, and the styles and color options are nearly endless. 

Harder than marble, quartzite is a different, natural stone than quartz. Usually offered in lighter, softer colors, it’s often white with very subtle veining in complimentary light colors.

Quartzite is less likely to chip, but a proper sealant needs to be applied regularly to keep its lasting shine and durability.

Granite counter surfaces come in slabs of quartz and other natural materials, and offers a multi-colored finish with a smaller, “speckled” appearance. 100% natural and highly polished by our experienced stone crafters, the density of the stone and the variety of hues and tones can result in a stunning kitchen, bath, laundry room or outdoor entertainment area.

Granite countertops require sealing, and will be a beautiful update or new installation that will last a lifetime. Like a snowflake, no two granite slabs are alike – and that’s the beauty of making the perfect selection – the colors are truly limitless.

Imagine the stunning beauty of a countertop, outdoor wet bar or center island that glows to enhance your living space! Onyx is a relatively new and innovative type of stone used today, and the translucency means it can be illuminated, or backlit for an unbelievable design flair.

While onyx surfaces do require timely and correct care and maintenance, the overall appeal of this gorgeous stone, available in many colors and designs, will be well worth your investment.

Even though it is a softer material, soapstone is non-porous and does not require the diligent sealing of other stone.

One benefit is its durability, which means you can set a hot pot or pan on it without harming it. Homeowners and interior designers looking for a slightly more rustic appeal often select soapstone, and its available in many variances of colors and veining patterns.



Concrete countertops are often misunderstood, as many envision a floor surface or other concrete surface that you may find in an office building under construction. But today’s custom concrete counter surfaces can be some of the most appealing and intelligent choices for kitchen, bath or patio countertops that provide a beautiful aesthetic.

Our stone artisans are able to create concrete countertops that have many different looks, from high-gloss to a more natural appearance. It is a porous surface that does require sealing and care, but provides an extremely versatile option. We can even add different types of stone materials into the concrete to add a rich, elegant look

Glass countertop surfaces are a relatively new arrival to the market, and offer a stunning variety of design opportunities. Glass countertops are made of crushed glass embedded into acrylic, so you have the creative freedom to match any room’s color palette or style.

Our team of designers and craftsman can make beautiful crushed glass designs by embedding glass materials into an acrylic surface, resulting is a sparkling surface that has depth and movement.

Glass materials can also be embedded into a concrete counter surface, providing an entirely unique look for any new construction or remodeling project.

Nano Crystallized Glass is a man-made material, like regular glass, now used in the construction or updating of luxury residences the world over. Known for its extreme durability and almost completely, non-porous characteristics, nano glass can have the visual appeal of a classic marble surface, but provide a much more modern design effect.

When it comes to making any room pop with the purest white counter surfaces, few products today can match the visual appeal of Super White Nano Glass. Super nano glass is the choice of today’s clients seeking the most dramatic flair in modern, minimalist design for an unmatched contemporary look.


With such a variety of surface materials available, let West Coast Stone Concepts help you create the room of your dreams, and add value to your home.

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